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Programming at a glance

Since going on the air permanently in March of 2009, Radio Richmond tries it’s best to satisfy the tastes and needs of all Acadians in Richmond County, but also commits to satisfy the musical tastes and needs of those Acadians who have, at least in part, been assimilated after years of living in a minority situation on our broadcast territory. Along with the Acadian regions of Richmond County, Radio Richmond has a following in areas such as Port Hawkesbury, Antigonish, Pomquet, Larry’s River, Canso, Guysborough County in general, Baddeck and other communities that were not targeted initially when we took the airways.

With a considerable population of Irish descent as well as a large proportion of people originally from Newfoundland, Radio Richmond has integrated 2 shows for these niche populations that are hosted in English. We’ve also succeeded in obtaining funding to produce shows by and for the seniors in the area. Radio Richmond has also given a block of programming to schools so that they can share information and music that is of interest to school-aged individuals.

Radio Richmond is proud of it’s hosts’ abilities to host shows in the french language known as ‘La langue de Molière’ as well as in the local french dialect. To further educate their audience, Radio Richmond hosts will introduce french words that are never or seldom used locally by introducing the English word, the ‘Molière’ French word and the local dialect word if there exists one. Our shows touch on subjects that are pertinent to the local communities, with a focus on those that touch the acadian population of the area.

Our licence allows us to broadcast a maximum of 35% English music. At present moment, our music, over the run of a week, represents 67% French music and 33% English music. Furthermore, our licence requires us to play various genres of music.
Here is a table that describes our musical programming:




 Pop, Rock and dance music

  15% (includes classic rock)

 Country and it’s derivatives


 Acoutstic music


 Lounging Music


 Concerto Music


 Folk and derivatives

  10% (similar to country, tough to distinguish)

International Music


 Jazz & Blues

  5% (Blues)



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