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Radio Richmond does not recieve core funding for it's operations and we rely on advertising sales and fundraising initiatives to survive. In a market that is already very competitive, Radio Richmond must compete against well established private radio stations for advertising sales, and this is challenging. In order to diversify our revenues, we carry out various fundraising initiatives throughout the year, such as :

Radio Bingo  - Friday nights at 6pm on the airways of 104.1FM

Billy Samson Memorial Radiothon - Annual radiothon usually held in August, runs for 12 hours to recieve donations from the general public in memory of our very first program director, Billy Samson, who passed away in 2013.

Auction - Usually held at the same time as the Radiothon. Items posted on facebook and webpage for bidding weeks prior to actual event.

Ticket Sales - We often find high value items that are donated to us and sell tickets on said items.

Concerts - We do our best to hold 4 concerts per year, including our CITU Annual Christmas Concert.

Projects - We apply to various agencies such as The Canadian Radio Fund of Canada and Service Canada for results-oriented projects. Thes projects must yield pre-determined results and will often add to the everyday workload of the employees. Thes projects have allowed part time staff members to work full time for at least portions of the year.
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