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Objectives and Goals

1. Radio Richmond's Vision
A Community radio station indespensable to the development and sustainability of the french language and the acadian culture in Richmond County.

2. Radio Richmond's Mission
The Community Radio station is a tool for the development of the french language, acadian culture and the economy of Richmond County. It offers a wide array of programming allowing volunteers and the population of Richmond County access to a french language media while reflecting the characteristics of it's broadcast area.

3. Radio Richmond's Objectives :

a) To make available french musical culture
b) Encourage francophones in the region to renew a french musical culture
c) Broadcast music created by Acadian and Francophone artists from the local area, from Nova Scotia, Canada and all over the world.
d) Act as a constant source of information on local topics of interest, the preoccupations and challenges of francophones and acadians living in an English majority area
e) Offer various announcements and alerts regarding local weather and news to francophones in the area that would otherwise only be offered in english
f) Offer opportunities for personal growth and volunteerism to the population of Richmond County in general as well as to students and younger people in general.
g) Offer the opportunity for citizens and organisations to share their musical tastes, their ideas and their values with other citizens and organisations in the region.

4. Radio Richmond's Values: 
The cumulative actions and overall development of Radio Richmond rely on the following values:

a) Inclusion
- An inclusive radio station allowing a space for all people interested in our founding principles (vision, mission and values) to have access to our airways as a volunteer on air personality or guest
- Une A community radio station that offers programming relevant to the majority of the citizens of Richmond County and surrounding areas. 

b) Dynamism
- A radio that demonstrates it's dynamism through it's administrators, it's staff, it's volunteers and it's partners
- A radio station open to people of all ages that have as a common characteristic ''their dynamism'' towards the development of the french language and acadian culture

c) Integrity
- Une A radio station managed efficiently with all the transparency a non profit organisation should demonstrate and that regularly communicates the state of affairs of the station to the community
- A radio station that resists the influences that want to modify it's fundamental principles (vision, mission and values)

d) Respect
A radio station that respects its listeners with programming that favors the development of the french language and acadian culture
- A radio station that respects its volunteers and partners by favoring frank and honest relationships
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