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About Us

In 1997, the Acadian community of Richmond County embarked on a process of strategic planning following the construction of the community cultural centre, Centre La Picasse. One of the projects identified within this strategic plan foresaw the creation of a French community radio station in the area. In November of 1998, a group of people met and officially founded La Coopérative Radio Richmond Ltée. The group is incorporated under the NS Joint Stock #3046326. The Presidency was assumed by Leo Landry with an executive composed of 4 people.

The Board of Directors is composed of 10 dynamic individuals with various professional backgrounds that are ideally geographically representative of Richmond County.
The members list exceeds 200 members.

Since 1998, this group of individuals successfully held seven different short term broadcasts in the region. These short term broadcasts were to sensitize the acadian population of the area to acadian and french music as well as to recruit volunteers and members for the organization. More than 200 youths between the ages of 10 and 20 participated in these short term broadcasts. These youth received training and experience in various radio industry fields, including hosting, technical work, creation of vignettes etc… Furthermore, the group collaborated with other community radio stations in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for the production of shows.

La Coopérative Radio Richmond Ltée is a regualar member of the National Alliance of french community radio stations (L’Alliance des Radios Communautaire du Canada-ARC). In 2001, Radio Richmond was the proud recipient of ‘New Radio Station of the year’’ for Canada. This national alliance shoulders our initiative by offering training workshops on broadcasting, fundraising, broadcast etiquette, management and community involvement. Radio Richmond prides itself on a dynamic, varied programming for a diversified audience.

Since going on the air permanently in March of 2009, Radio Richmond tries it’s best to satisfy the tastes and needs of all Acadians in Richmond County, but also commits to satisfy the musical tastes and needs of those Acadians who have, at least in part, been assimilated after years of living in a minority situation on our broadcast territory. Along with the Acadian regions of Richmond County, Radio Richmond has a following in areas such as Port Hawkesbury, Antigonish, Pomquet, Larry’s River, Canso, Guysborough County in general, Baddeck and other communities that were not targeted initially when we took the airways.

With a considerable population of Irish descent as well as a large proportion of people originally from Newfoundland, Radio Richmond has integrated 2 shows for these niche populations that are hosted in English. We’ve also succeeded in obtaining funding to produce shows by and for the seniors in the area. Radio Richmond has also given a block of programming to schools so that they can share information and music that is of interest to school-aged individuals.

Past Presidents of Radio Richmond

1st President : Léo Landry (founder)
2nd President: Vincent Boudreau Jr.
3rd President : Billy Joyce
4th President : Philip Gagnon
5th President : Réal Gosselin
6th President: Jacqueline Samson
7th President : Patrick Fougère
8th President: Wayne Boudreau
Actual President : Jonathan Osmond
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